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This is the web site for The Society for International Folk Dancing.

We are a UK-based, voluntary, non-profit-making, non-political association that aims to encourage people to learn and enjoy Folk Dances from many countries. A page detailing the aims of the society and with a link to our constitution is here.
Dancing is a recognised way to keep fit, and International Folk Dancing combines the benefit of exercise with the pleasure of dancing to beautiful music.
There are many groups and classes all over Britain - almost all can be joined by people of any age with no previous experience, and singles are as welcome as couples.
New dancers do not need to be members of the Society, although membership will naturally confer benefits. Details are available here There are benefits, too, for groups and classes that formally affiliate to the Society. The details of these are available here

On the right of this page we list important future events along with any taking place in the next 14 days, if there are any (some periods are quieter than others).
Full details of all events are listed on the What's On? pages - note that there are separate pages for those in the UK and elsewhere.

28th April - 1st May
Halsway Manor, North Somerset
Click Here for Full Details
Eastbourne Folk Dance Festival
28th April - 1st May

Click Here for Full Details
SIFD Great Alne Long Weekend
5th - 8th May
Great Alne, Warwickshire near Alcester
Click Here for Full Details
SIFD Sunday Dance
7th May
Primrose Hill Community Centre, Hopkinsons Place, Fitzroy Road, London
Click Here for Full Details

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